Saturday, December 13

Just us.

I met him 3 years back. We were working at the same place. I was a customer service and he was a team leader n soon after that promoted to manager. (Now we both working in different places)

He is a very shy person and charming in his own way. I love stalking him. Whenever he walked in front of me or beside me or even behind me, my head turns 360 just to look at him. *giggles* 

I would helped him and he too. Then we became close to the point where people asked me where is he and people would asked him the same question, "Where's nurul?" The next thing we both realised, we're lovers in a serious relationship.

I have to admit, it's not always a shiny bright day. We had our ups and downs. We had our arguments and differences. We had our obstacles. We had so many breakups and dramas in our life. 

And one thing I'm grateful for is that despite our differences, arguments and breakups, we managed to find a way to stick together. We managed to go through almost everything together. We're like a magnet. Put us far away, there's always a  way, or I would say, HIS way of putting us back together. 

He's different. He's worth fighting for. He took my breath away. He took my heart away. His patience with me and his responsibilities with his family makes me fall deeper. I can't breath.. Heeeeelp! Hahaha. Yes, he has his own flaws. Who doesn't? He is still the guy that has the key to my heart.

Even I annoys him a lot, even I always pissed him off, even I have so many 'karenah', he is still here by my side.

I met him 3 years back and I fell deeper everyday. 3 years and still counting. I'm grateful I met him. Thanks Allah.