Thursday, July 25

i miss old times

I do.

What I miss is the word for today,


A person i know very well taught me this word. Not the definition but the meaning; on how important communication is. If you are reading this, thank you.

I miss those days when there is no friendster, myspace, tagged, facebook, or any other social networks.

This is because nowadays everybody seems to be comfortable expressing what they feel towards others; on social networks.

Somehow communication seems no longer relevant where instead of confronting just among you and your friends or family, you chose to expose to public where everybody can see your problems. Everybody can comment and judge.

As if it is okay to be judged by judgmental people; as long as you express your thoughts. *sigh*

I admit that there are few good things on social networking where you can find new friends, love, old mates and etc.

But having people fights over and over again even though it has nothing to do with you is so not good, like spreading rumors.

Relationship ends, husband and wife cheated, brothers sisters and bestfriends fought.

Trust gone, doubts everywhere, lies here and there.

I feel so sad.

At least I know my privacy and boundaries on what to be shared and what not. For me, you can't simply come into my life and judge those I love.

Enough said, I miss old times.