Saturday, June 22

What is love for you?

Love is when you don't have a specific reason on why you fell for that one special person. You really don't have "one good reason" because you love everything about that person. Every single thing. That you can just share everything; your favorite food (where you normally don't share it with others), even your toothbrush and you don't find it disgusting to share it with.

A person who will irritates you, annoys you, make fun of you, and calls you with thousands of names yet you find it funny and lovely.

A special 'nervous-with-butterflies-in-stomach' feeling where it comes naturally without you forcing it.

A feeling like home when you with that special one. Where you can just sit down and do nothing, and still time flies fast.

Love is also when you know that person has so many flaws, yet you still love him/her unconditionally, that makes you willing to go through every obstacles, every pain.

The real feeling where it just doesn't "go away" easily.

That is love. At least for me.