Thursday, August 22

She is beautiful

Today is a story telling
of a girl who has everything.
She is what they said
beauty with brain.

HE decides everything that happen
for it has its own reason.


A mistake of a drunk man
changed the whole life of a woman
as she was sixty percent -- burnt
in a car accident.

They said it's justice as he was jailed for seven years
but is it justice as she is still alive?
suffering like hell -- fifty surgeries -- face like an alien
trying to survive as each day passes

One day a mother met her -- drunk man's mother.
Without hesitated she held that poor girl in her arm
a warm hug as from a mother to a daughter

With tears in her eyes, she apologize for her son's mistake
as he also felt terrible every single day in jail -- for his stupid mistake
for that, they pray for her happiness.

With calm -- no anger in her eyes
she forgives him without asking why.
She forgives a man who made her lost everything -- her face -- her life
without asking for anything -- at all.

oh -- what a beautiful tough girl

It is true what they said
beauty lies inside definitely will appears outside.
So now ask yourself,
"Am I beautiful enough?"


jacqueline saburido