Thursday, July 5

Adib, The Birthday Girl

Okayy. Ni dia cerita birthday adib, as promised :)

On 2nd of July 2012, my bestfriend, adib, has joined our 22 years old club! Hehe. Yes, the birthday girl.

Anyway, i have already planned to be the last person to be with her on that day. So, on that day, i didn't call her. Kire buat tak tahu la kann. Hehe

So, she called. Macam biasa, merajuk and cakap "kau x ingat eh hari ni ade ape?" and i was like.. "er knp eh?" so, dia merajuk and aku buat tak tahu je. Kejam, kan? Heheh.

So malam tu, my friend and i went to her house and we brought two slice of cakes that we bought dekat secret recipe.

Aku pun sibuk nak tiup jugak time tu. Haha!

So dari nak merajuk, dia pun tak jadi merajuk daahhh. Hehe. And we spent the night, GOSSIPING! hehe :D

Again, happy birthday adib. May you have all the happiness that u wish for. ;)

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