Sunday, June 19

say yes to..

i am so ON DIET right now. haha. yesss. I AM ! 

and you know what..? i'm going to try the nestle bliss 14-days challenge ^_^

It’s the only yogurt drink in Malaysia that contains Inulin (fibre) and Live Cultures. When combined with the goodness of Live Cultures, Inulin helps to maintain a good digestive system, so you can be in tip top condition to take on the challenges of the day.

“As our lives become more time-consuming, demanding and stressful, sustaining excellent health at all time is important. Not only do we need to consume a well-balance diet and exercise regularly, we must also know how to care for our digestive system, all you need is just two servings of Nestlé Bliss® Yogurt Drink daily for 14 days.”

kevin zahri !!

i'll start tomorrow and..


  • drink 2 servings* of NESTLÉ BLISS a day for 14 days. (200g each)
  • excercise!!  * T__T (any kind of exercise ok)
  • eat healthy food (rice 1x a day but not at night)
  • eat more fruits and vegetables. wait, what? vege?? omaigosh. i'll try my very best. hehe

Don't :
  • drink ice
  • eat oily foods
  • eat too much food
  • eat sweet foods like ice-cream, chocolate, and etc.

so, according to nestle, all you have to do is just drink only 2 serving of 200g of bliss. entah kenapa, aku tertarik nak cuba and tengok hasil camne :)

why starts tomorrow? why not today? well, sebab aku baru nak keluar pergi beli bliss tu petang nanti. hehe. depends on you when you want to start. 

 you should give a try. to know more, click HERE. good luck to me and you :)

oh, do not forget to weigh before and after.

                                 CHAIYOK !!

p/s: harap-harap berhasil ye anda-anda sekalian